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  • Create an Account
  • At Homepage, click on "Get Started with Yedap", top of the page, you will get fillable form. (Advertiser form / Publisher form) OR You can direct send an email to [email protected] with Title as: Advertiser / Publisher Account. Our team member will touch you as possible as fast.
  • Set Up Your Website/Applications
  • On dashboard or at private email conversation; add your website or application, including a detailed description, URL and traffic details. This will help to fill-out the website category, traffic agents & geo And deliver the most relevant and effective ads to users.
  • Integrate the Adcode or SDK
  • We having simple javascript code & SDK for easy to implement our ads to your platform & up and run on time.
  • Start Making Money
  • After completing the steps above, you're ready to start serving ads and earning revenue. Reporting on live ads and earnings will be displayed on your dashboard within 1-2 hours (even as real-time).