Ad Preferences

Yedap Media, Inc takes your privacy seriously, your identifiable information never target to any advertising. Our privacy policy is available at

We work hard to build technology that delivers advertisements that are not only direct sells to what you may be reading & watching, but also highly relevant and inclined to your personal interests. We do this by cookies which collect useful non-personally identifiable data. If you don't want to see ads personalized to your interests from Yedap Ads, you may do so by selecting the opt-out choice on this page. For More Information:

Interest-based ads

Interest-based ads are currently turned on.


Once you have opted out, We'll not use any data collected by cookies to influence personalize ads. Your preference (to opt-out) will be stored in an opt-out cookie.

  • Your cookie will be delete for Yedap Ads, you will be automatically opted in.
  • Opting-out does not stop cookies being collected. However, We shall not use any data collected from you for Interest-based displaying personalized ads.
  • You have to 'opt out' service, by all browsers separately.