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What is Yedap ?

Yedap provides online advertising service for business or individuals by a variety of advertising modes and publishers. With industry-leading networks, Yedap helps advertisers to reach highly-targeted audiences at scale, quantity and quality traffic volume with flexible budget control. Hence, we are aimed at maximizing the performance and revenue for our advertisers.Our approach is being a simple but all-in-one self-serve advertising platform. Advertisers only need to register one account on our platform, but enjoying multiple functions and benefit with our service. We Serve over 10 million* ad impressions worldwide across all devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7, Yedap is the best choice for brands looking to advertise to their media mix. Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness or to drive downloads to your brand's latest Websites & mobile app, we have the tools to put your campaign in front of the right eyeballs. We created Special Ad Units for brand advertisers, have Demographic Targeting available for over 75% of our inventory, and even we serve Rich Media Ads to computer based ads as well as mobile apps & websites (Flash, Microsoft Silverlight).

What We Do ?

With over 10 million* display impressions from thousands on websites, Campaign Suite has the broadest reach in the industry. This ensures that you’ll always find the right customers—virtually anywhere on the Internet. Campaign Suite has access to the industry’s broadest display / mobile exchange inventory, as well as to direct buys on leading publisher sites. we can connect your display / mobile ads with 2 billion monthly global RTB impressions from mobile apps and websites.Our industry-leading reach combines with intelligent targeting capabilities, enabling you to create finely tuned audience segments without sacrificing scale.Avoid running your ads next to content that doesn’t align with your brand values. With a few clicks, you can integrate data from one or several leading contextual providers into your campaign setup.