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Targeting Options

Besides the usual targeting options, we have developed innovative new Targeting Features like Demographic Targeting to put your mobile advertising campaign in front of the right eyeballs.

  • Carrier Targeting
  • You can target your campaign to specific carriers over then world.
  • Channel Targeting
  • You can target your campaigns to specific content channels like Finance, IT, Business, Entertainment, News, Sport, Travel, Information, Community and many more.
  • Scheduling
  • Schedule your campaign to run only on certain days, and during certain hours of the day.
  • Publication Type Targeting
  • Choose on which Publication Types your campaign should run on.You can choose to run your campaign inside rich media, display, mobile apps, on mobile websites, or both.
  • Device Targeting
  • Our Device Targeting Feature allows you to target your rich media, display & mobile advertising campaign towards specific device types and handsets that as user-agent says.